Hoppin’ Around the World


Polly the Travel Frog
Hoppin’ round the world
Writin’ up a travel log
From the Amazon Forest to the London fog
Polly the Travel Frog

Travelin’ for days and racking up the miles
Meeting friendly people and seeing friendly smiles
Comin’ and goin’ or stayin’ for awhile
Blending in with the Emerald Isle


On your next adventure she will come along
From the Rocky Mountains to Hong Kong
Snapping photographs to show you’ve gone
Across this globe you will sing this song.


Polly…Polly….Polly… the Travel Frog!



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4 Responses to “Polly’s New Song”

  1. I’ve been following along with Polly’s adventures through pictures, but this video really shows even more how you can use it to have fun. I just bought a Polly, and it’s going to be a surprise Christmas gift for my niece.

  2. That’s a catchy tune. It’s really…jazzy!

  3. Thanks, Jazzy Jeff…I think you’re pretty Jazzy yourself!

  4. I really like the song, especially when it’s added to the video. What a great way to tell about Polly and showcase her adventures!