As you know, Polly loves to travel, and she’s always looking for an adventure….

Polly's Name is Heading to Mars!

Okay, Polly isn’t really going to Mars, but her name is! Her name will be included with thousands of other names on a microchip on the Mars Science Laboratory rover that’s heading to Mars in 2011! Cool, huh?

Polly would love for your name to be included too! Click here to check out the details….I Want My Name to Go to Mars with Polly! If you add your name to NASA’s list, please come back to this page and let us know that your name will be going into space with Polly!

What an Adventure!

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13 Responses to “Polly #3 is Heading to Mars!”

  1. My name is going to Mars with Polly’s name!

  2. I’m going to Mars!

  3. Do you think they’d accept “Jazzy Jeff” as a real enough name?

  4. Not sure if they will accept Jazzy Jeff….try it! Let’s go to Mars!

  5. My name is going to Mars with Polly’s name!

  6. What if I’m already there?

  7. My name is going to Mars with Polly’s name!

  8. Great work keep it coming!

  9. Dear Polly #3,
    Wow, Polly #3 is so awesome!

  10. i love polly frogs from charleigh

  11. COOL!

  12. Thanks, Charleigh! I think all of yours posts are great!

  13. Polly’s name is onboard of “Curiosity” and is about to land on Mars in about 1 1/2 hours. The spacecraft is about 400 million kilometers away from planet Earth.

    Happy landing!