I bet you won’t believe some of the famous celebrities that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet!

Before we go on, I know what you’re most likely thinking-that I’m a famous celebrity myself! Well, maybe not yet, but with your help I’m sure to be almost as recognizable as a celebrity!

I really had no interest in celebrities or meeting them until two years ago when Debbie, Candee and I were returning from Ireland. We had a layover in Chicago, Illinois and guess who was at the next luggage carousel? Martin Sheen!

Well, here’s the embarrassing part, I was asleep and didn’t even get to meet him.

Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen

What a crew!

I heard all about it from Debbie and Candee and I saw the pictures they took but that’s about it. (I have to confess…I’ve been known to fall asleep on long flights!)

I guess you’ve probably noticed Ellen Degeneres in the picture, well that’s a whole other story. Click here if you want to read about how I started to travel with her. (Okay, it’s really not her, but Ellen-on-a-Stick.

Now I try to get celebrity photos whenever possible and I’m always on the lookout for people wearing dark sunglasses! No more dozing off for me. (At least not if I can help it!)The funny thing is that even though I’m trying to get pictures of celebrities, they’re always more than willing to have a picture taken with me and usually ask for a copy for themselves. I guess they think I’m a celebrity too!

Jane Seymour

Jane loved Polly...Polly loved Jane!

Jane Seymour was very pretty and nice. I think I was almost as big as she was!

Jane Seymour is a very famous celebrity because she’s an actress, author and artist. Not only has she acted in many movies, but TV shows as well. Maybe you remember her from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman or any of the many other shows she has been in.


Emeril is signing a book for me!


Emeril's funny! He said he used to cook guys like me...He was just kidding, right??

Emeril Lagasse is a famous celebrity because he’s a national TV star, restauranteur, chef and author. Maybe you’ve seen one of his cooking shows on the Food Channel…BAM!

Phil Keoghan

This is my buddy, Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race. We love that show!

Phil Keoghan

Phil was very tired because he was doing a cross-country bike ride. He was still happy to have a picture taken with us!

When we met Phil, he was close to finished a cross-country bike ride that he started about six weeks earlier. He was doing the ride to promote a healthy lifestyle and to increase awareness of the battle against Multiple Sclerosis. He averaged about 100 miles per day.

and his ride were an inspiration for us when we went for our own three day bike ride on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (C&O) recently. We even bought some of the meal replacement energy bars called NOW One Square Meal that Phil endorses and used on his own trip. They are only available at GNC stores (and taste great). We call them Phil Bars and they really do fill you up!

Harlan Coben

We met Harlan Coban at a book signing. Even though he was busy signing his autograph, he was nice enough to read to me for awhile.

Harlan Coban is an international best selling author. Debbie loves his books and has read almost all of them. She was really happy that he came to our town (and so was I!)

Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline read to me too!

Lisa Scottoline

Lisa really liked me...I think she wanted to take me home with her!

Lisa Scottoline is also an international best selling author and she’s also one of Debbie’s favorites. We met her for the first time about a year before this at one of Nora Robert’s book signings. Lisa told us that she remembered us from then. (I can’t believe she remembered two women and a frog a year later…there must have been something about us that made us memorable!)

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2 Responses to “Famous Celebrities”

  1. Emeril says BAM alot.

  2. Al~
    You’re right, Emeril does say Bam a lot! He also told me that he cooks a lot of frog legs…ahhhh! I tucked my legs under my body as soon as he said that!