A friend of Shane whose name is Fi went on holidays to Japan and brought a gift back to Australia for us – desserts in the shape of a frog!

The box was very nice, it was a green colour with the big smiling face of a white frog on the front – it looked like me and I thought I was holding a mirror when first seeing it!

The box holding the sweets

When I opened the box, there were lots of lovely frog desserts to eat!

Inside the box are six frog shaped desserts!

The name of the dessert is Manju.  Shane told me that it is made of flour, rice powder and buckweat on the outside with red bean paste and sugar on the inside.  The Manju feels an little spongy to hold in my webbed hands.  The Manju tasted delicious, the inside was very smooth and it was easy to eat.

Polly is excited to see a dessert shaped like a frog!

When I was holding the Manju, I thought it looked like me, what do you think?

Do we look similar?

I am very happy to see that that Japanese make desserts in the shape of frogs – I hope to visit Japan one day to eat some more!

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7 Responses to “Polly Eats a Japanese Dessert Shaped Like a Frog!”

  1. Wow, I’m so excited to find out that there are desserts shaped like us…I guess it’s because we’re so good looking!

  2. cute!

  3. I love the way the Manju cakes are packaged! I remember trying a red bean dessert years ago when I was in Japan, but it wasn’t shaped like a frog! I remember liking the taste, which wasn’t overly sweet. Thanks for posting!

  4. I never would have thought of bean paste as a dessert filling, but it sounds interesting! Leave it to Polly to teach us something new.

  5. Wow! a frog shaped desert.
    p.s are you in South Korea right now because Polly #3 told me and also I’m from there!

  6. lms,
    I think Polly #7 and Shane are still on their trip…hopefully they will have time to write to you when they get back!

  7. Dear Polly #7,
    Did you enjoy the manju? I bet it was good!