wind turbines

Just a few of the many wind turbines in West Virginia

I’m becoming very interested in doing my part in recycling, conservation, and “going green”, so when I heard about the wind turbines in West Virginia, my curiosity was peaked! Wind turbines, or windmills, are sprouting up around West Virginia. The winds in West Virginia, which are some of the strongest in the nation, make power from these wind turbines a great way to produce clean, renewable power. The turbines generate electricity which goes into a grid and is sold to people who live in cities and think that buying wind power is a good thing even if it’s more expensive.

The sight of all the windmills along the ridges is very dramatic and they’re even more dramatic up close. One of Debbie’s friends told her of a place where we could pull off the road and get up close to some of the windmills to take pictures, so during our visit to other parts of the state in the summer of 2010, we decided to stop for some pictures.

'Going Green' in a big way!


The windmills make a low humming sound!


Even more windmills!

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3 Responses to “West Virginia’s Wind Turbines~Polly #2”

  1. Polly I just don’t think you can go any greener. You’re as green as they come!
    We were driving in an area in which I was not aware of the the wind turbines and I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of one of the propellers near my car and I thought an airplane was landing on me. Bit of a fright there…..

  2. Are these the ones in Tucker County–maybe thirty miles (or so) from Elkins?

  3. Polly is the perfect “spokesfrog” for Going Green!