Here I am again to tell you more about my adventures to Amish country in Ohio. Our first stop was Rolling Ridge Ranch Animal Park The brochure states that there are up to 600 animals at any given time. Most of the animals can be viewed on the horse drawn wagon tour, but they also have a petting zoo.  Andy was our tour guide and I was placed in a safe location because our ride would be bumpy.  You know how much I like hopping around!

Every human passenger was given a large bucket of feed.  Most animals came right up to the wagon.  Some animals could be hand fed, but others like these pecking birds had to be fed from the bucket.

Whoever said eat like a bird never saw this messy eater!

This buck is confused by the term "eager beaver."

Will someone please tell him that he is not a pig!

Open up and be fed!They call it a yak but it only eats!

He had huge horns!Naughty Humphrey!

Zonkers it's a Zonkey!


One giant buggy for mankind!

Pretty Doe

Charlie and Fred: Our Horsepower

This player piano had at least 10 instruments inside.

It was a trip worth taking! We will be going again soon!

Heading back we stopped at Wendell August Forge. You can take a tour of the workshop to see the craftsmen on site. The children are able to make their own aluminum pic

So many attractions! So little time!

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3 Responses to “Polly #35 Visits Amish Country Part 2”

  1. Did the donkey have stripes? I’ve never heard of a zonkey before!!! Very cool!

  2. Great animal pics! It looks like you had lots of fun!

  3. Cute!