Polly 3 on November 3rd, 2010

We decided to get something to eat after a bit of sightseeing in Minneapolis and we happened to sit down next a group of men that seemed to be enjoying the baseball game on TV. We started chatting with one of the guys and when we teased him about being focused on the game, he […]

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Polly 3 on October 17th, 2010

Recently Polly #3, Polly #14, and Polly #32 went shopping at the Mall of America(MOA) in Bloomington, Minnesota. The MOA’s claim to fame is that it’s the second largest mall in North America and the largest mall in the United States. The West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Canada reigns supreme in the category of mammoth […]

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                Minnesota has some big things . . . let’s face it. First, there’s the Mall of America. It’s hoppin’ huge. Minnesota is also home to “The World’s Largest Spam Museum” (yes, it’s the only one, but the largest nonetheless). None of that holds a candle to “The […]

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Polly 3 on October 10th, 2010

When I look at this unique sculpture I have to wonder if there’s a giant ice cream sundae waiting just around the bend! Spoonbridge and Cherry is located in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and was created by Claes Oldenburg and his wife and collaborator, Coosje van Bruggen.     Facts and figures: ~The spoon weighs […]

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Polly 32 on October 7th, 2010

After our conference let out for the afternoon, Candee’s friend Anne picked us up from our hotel for a tour of Minneapolis. We walked around the Minneapolis sculpture garden and saw the Spoon Bridge (very cool!), viewed the city from the observation deck at Forshay Tower, and saw the bronze statue that captures Mary Richard’s […]

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