There are many different companies that offer horse tours in Corolla.  We chose Wild Horse Adventure Tours.   We decided to take the personally guided tours to enjoy the adventure more.

Wild Horse Adventure Tours






Here we are waiting for our tour to begin. There was a cool hands-on exploration area and aquarium display in the office upstairs.

View of the ocean

View of the ocean












You may only access the beach if you have a four wheel drive vehicle. The road up the beach is very bumpy and jostled us around. Luckily our driver knows how to navigate the sand and we did not get stuck. (It costs $350 for the only tow truck to pull you out and he doesn’t take AAA.)

My first wild horse sighting!











There are nearly 100 horses in this sandy area. Unlike the horses near the Asseteague/Chincoteague area, these horses have a known origin. They were left off of a Spanish ship that was stuck on one of the sand bars off the shore. The horses swam ahore lightening the ship’s load. The ship was freed, but they had no way to wrangle the horses back on board.

A Close View!









The horses travel in herds. This herd of 5 was lead by a mule that was left behind from a traveling circus years ago. It is said that he is the meanest of all the males.

Wild and Wonderful!










The horse graze on land between the sparse beach houses waiting for the sea oats to ripen at the end of August.

Following the Herd











We followed this herd of seven. One of them was an offspring of the stallion. The herd allows an offspring to stay for two years before it is shunned from the herd.

A Beautiful Stallion











This was the stallion of the herd. He walks behind so he can ensure the safety of the horses.


A Very Special Herd!

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4 Responses to “Going Wild with Corolla Horses (Polly #35)”

  1. You’ve done such a great job with your “Polly posts” this summer…thanks! I’ve learned a lot from reading about your adventures and it’s easy to tell that you had a fantastic family vacation. I’m looking forward to seeing where you take Polly #35 next!

  2. All of the posts were great. They were funny, and Polly #35 got into a lot of the pictures. We travel frogs are very photogenic, and we’re the life of any party! Thanks for the great stories and pictures! I’ll be looking forward to your next vacation!!!!

  3. I love horses and I would love to see these horses!

  4. These pictures bring back very fond memories of vacations I took years ago to this area with my family.