K.S. and his grandma

I have a booth at the Pennsylvania Christmas and Gift Show. I am in the main hall in booth 906. I was lucky enough to meet a boy named K.S. He was helping his grandma run her booth. Wait a minute, why am I doing all the talking. I’ll let K.S. tell you about their booth.

Hi! My grandma and I make natural soy candles and natural bath and body products. We sell different scents. Some of our customer’s favorites are: Orange Chiffon Cake, Creme Brulee, and Love Spell. My job was giving samples of lotion to the people that walked by. Come visit us at Booth #956 (Dec. 3rd & 4th)

P.S. I want to say hi to my sisters and brother!

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7 Responses to “Treasured Candle Corner (Polly #3)”

  1. Hi K.S.~
    Great job with your post! 🙂

  2. I’ve enjoyed being your “neighbor” at the show, and good luck for the last few days!


  3. That’s a nice looking booth you guys have. I hope you’re selling lots of stuff!

  4. K.S. seems to be an enterprising young fellow. He has entrepreneurial spirit and should do quite well for himself.

  5. Jazzy Jeff~
    K.S. is a terrific kid. He’s not only helping his grandmother (which is great in itself), but he’s also learning fantastic ‘people skills’ by helping out in the booth.
    Poly #3

  6. Do K.S. and his grandmother have a travel frog? I’d love to hear more about their business. People (and frogs) really like natural products! Scenic pictures are fine, but I like a good human interest story too. Nice post.

  7. K.S. and his grandmother do have a travel frog of their own and they will be posting soon.