This is the first barn that we found!

Don't you love this one?

An up close view...

We like how this one is mounted.



We loved this unique looking barn!

This barn didn't have a quilt on it, but we loved it anyway!

Look what we found!

Look what we found!

The patriotic star...

What a view!

A working barn!

Shooting Stars!

Polly, you're a star!

We loved the colors and design of this quilt square!


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6 Responses to “The Quilt Trail of Roane County, West Virginia (Polly #2 & #3)”

  1. I love to quilt and find this very interesting. I’ve never heard of anything like this would love to visit sometime. Was there a map to show you where to look? How did you find out about it? Very intriguing!

  2. Jo Jo the Wonder Cat
    July 22nd, 2010 at 9:08 am

    Your pictures are fantastic! I really enjoyed looking at this post!

  3. Nice post! I know this story is about quilt barns, but my favorite picture is the one that shows the barn without the quilt. It looks like something out of a movie or story book. I wonder why they didn’t put a quilt on it. Do you know why?

  4. Anita..thanks for your comment. We only knew that the quilt barns were in Roane County, and we tried to find a map/information by making phone calls and checking on the internet. The Chamber of Commerce wasn’t even able to help us, although they were very nice, so we were on our own. I think we did pretty well for not knowing the area!

    Jo-Jo…thanks for your kind words!

    K…I don’t know anything about the barn other than it’s in the perfect location for pictures! I do agree with you–it needs to have a quilt mounted on it!

  5. Hi! I’m a local wedding planner and LOVE the barns. Any idea how I can find the last barn? I’m in love! Any idea who owns it?


  6. Chelsea~
    Thanks for writing…we explored the area to find all of these barns. We were hoping the chamber of commerce would have a map but they didn’t. They did tell us a map was “in the works”, so you might want to call them to see if they have published one since our trip to Roane County.

    Good Luck!
    Candee & Debbie