Corolla:  the northernmost town on the Outer Banks is pronounced ‘cor-Aah-lah. ‘ Corolla has  a rich Native American history.  Corolla is a derivation of a Native American work meaning “land of the wild goose.”  Although Corolla is part of North Carolina, it is connected by land to Virginia.  To access Corolla you must travel down to the Wright Memorial Bridge, cross over, and head north on Route 12 through Southern Shores and Duck.

I love looking for shells on the beach!

Having fun on the beach!

Every day there were different treasures to be found due to changing weather.  I found lots of scallops and clams, but some days brought mermaid purses (shark egg cases), whelks, slippers, conches, limpets, and nassa shells. 

This beautiful jellyfish was one of many that came ashore one day!

I tried my pads on this toad-ally cool boogie board!

This sand castle made me hoppy...

but made this sand crab nervous of my abilities!

Although hidden by clouds, this sunrise is still beautiful!

Family Portrait

The sun sets on a great vacation in Corolla, NC.

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  1. It looks like you had a fantastic family vacation! I’m going to post my Cape Cod pictures soon…make sure to check them out! I sure love the beach!

  2. The children are very imaginative and always come up with really good posts.