Today Candee, Debbie and I were interviewed on the Breakfast with Lesley and Jamie show on WEPM 1340AM. We had a great time and were able to see a little bit about how a radio show is produced. Lesley and Jamie were great and made us feel very comfortable.

We’d like to give a nice, big thank you to Lesley and Jamie for taking the time to talk to us and allow us to tell people our story!

Candee did an excellent job answering the questions and talking about me! I hope a lot of people heard the interview, because I’d love to hear from anyone that heard the show this morning. Make sure you write to me and tell me what you thought of it!

Breakfast with Lesley and Jamie

I was excited to have my picture taken with Lesley from the Breakfast with Lesley and Jamie show!

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4 Responses to “Polly was interviewed on the radio!”

  1. This is really interesting: first a magazine article and then a radio interview. Polly is starting to get famous!

  2. All of a sudden, we’re getting all kinds of good press. When Oprah calls, I think Polly #5 would be a great choice for the interview. I’m also available for the Colbert Report and Larry King Live!

  3. I must admit that it was fun being in the limelight! Maybe next time you should join us Polly #5!

    Happy Travels,
    Polly #3

  4. Way to go! Interviewed on the radio, now you’re hitting the big time!