This way to the Bell Witch Cave!





My friend Toby picked Anne and me up to go the home of the Bell Witch in Addams, TN. It is the best documented case of haunting in the United States. We looked up the hours on the website

The site gave us all the information we needed. When we arrived Walter greeted us, gave us a little history of the area and had us sign waivers. (He said I did not need one because I am special). It was a very very hot day. Walter said the house was closed because it was just too hot to go through it, but the cave would be nice and cool.














Walter told us where to go and we were off and walking a path. We saw the sign telling us to enter at our own risk. Toby was very very afraid but I wasn’t.






I'm not nervous!









Chris greeted us at the entrance to the cave, flashlight in hand. She described the waterfall that the cave becomes after a rain. It was very interesting. There are pictures of the waterfall on the website.

Chris was very professional and open to any and all questions about everything. We wanted to know how they got the cave, what it took to get on the historical register, and everything about everything.






Indian Burial





Chris answered all our questions and was very informative about the rock formations, and the Indian burial grounds. Above the cave is an Indian burial ground dating hundreds of years. Chris and Walter had specialists out to figure out the ages of some of the graves. There is a picture of one of the box graves that we took.





As we went further and further back in the cave Chris told us many stories of the Bell Witch and things that had happened. She told us the history of the haunting, the many areas that had seen or heard the Bell Witch. Chris told us of a church where the Bell Witch would correct the pastor if he incorrectly quoted the bible.

Some of the rock formations take on funny shapes in the different lights. Faces appear in the rocks, along with other anatomical parts. Anne would not let me play in the stream. I was very glad as it was very very cold. I would recommend wearing sneakers and not flip flops like Anne and Toby did.

We had a great time. I got my picture taken with everyone!! We did not see the witch or have anything odd happen to us. I would recommend everyone go to see where so much history is. Anne and Toby are taking me back to the cave for the nighttime tour which includes the house. Want to come with us????

Remember you can contact Walter and Chris at 615-696-3055 or on their website. They would love to hear from you an be sure and tell them Polly sent you!


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  1. This is cool and just in time for Halloween. There was a movie (starring Donald Sutherland) made about the Bell Witch haunting, and it’s good to learn more about the place and what happened. Thanks for the post! This frog is a believer!

  2. Glad to hear that Polly wasn’t a “scardy frog”!

  3. I like the picture of Toby. He does the “scared” pose really well. This is great information. It is a well-known site, and I’ve been hearing about it for years. It’s great getting some pictures and background information, and it looks like a cool place to visit someday!

  4. How come there aren’t more stories like this for Halloween? Come on Polly, let’s get in the…ummm…spirit!

  5. I really liked this post when it was first published, and I’m glad it got the nod for the August MVP story!

  6. Were you scared?