Polly's New Friend

Today we took Polly to see the Bison herd at Orr’s Farm Market in Martinsburg, West Virginia. It was a beautiful, crisp Autumn day and the mountains looked beautiful covered in a blanket of changing leaves.

I really love this picture…look at the shadows on the ground!

The bison was very curious and came right over to the fence to check out what we were doing. She stayed close to us for a very long time. We could hear her breathing. In and out–long and loud!

We tried to imagine what it would look like to see millions of bison thundering across the plains like they did over one hundred years ago. I bet it would be breath-taking and scary all at the same time! Even though there was a fence between us, I must admit that her massive size made us feel a bit nervous.

What a wonderful experience!

Double Trouble! (Just teasing!)

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18 Responses to “Polly Meets a Bison”

  1. maybe you could go as a bison for halloween
    or perhaps ride one as you travel to your next place?

  2. I like the bison picture and was wondering if she offered you a ride. Have you given any thought to taking another bike ride down the C&O Canal next year? Give it some thought. Good luck with your world travel.

  3. Hey Polly!

    I bet it was fun to be face-to-face with a buffalo (bison)! I hope that someday you get the chance to travel out West to see the herds of bison out there. They are amazing!

    I love reading about your travels!

  4. Wow Polly! Looks like you had a great day! Maybe you could be a Bison for Halloween…what fun!!!

  5. The bison looks like it wants to charge through the fence! Just kidding! How many bison were in the herd? I like this picture a lot.

  6. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen or heard of someone doing… serious props for all of this… the bison are really cool, I saw one once a long time ago. HUGE! lol!

  7. “Country Roads…Take Me Home”

    Glad Polly got to see the bison on the way to Orr’s orchard market. I love traveling down that road. The scenery always seems to make me feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful area! “Country roads – take me home!”

  8. Greetings from Madrid

    Beautiful, scary picture… at least for me!!! Don’t you think so Polly??
    If you like risky business,…next time you come to Spain you should take a picture with a real ” toro de lidia”.

  9. my gosh that polly gets around. i was lucky enough to spend time with her in Spain! She was great fun and i had all new adventures with her (even met an angel!!).

  10. A while back I bought a bison on credit, and last month I got a Buffalo Bill.

  11. Polly, I would watch out, by the looks of those eyes, that bison has got one thing on his mind ….FOOD

  12. That’s crazy stuff…a buffalo in West Virginia? It’s about the same size as an English Mastiff! Just joking! Great picture Polly!

  13. Yes, a wonderful frog for all the kids of America!

    from Gerrit and Hilma (Geesbrug,Netherlands)

    bye bye

  14. I miss you Polly !! Love this blog! (Norway)

  15. Martin…
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my site. Debbie called Orr’s farm the other day and found out that there are 9 bison in the herd–2 males and 7 females.


    Billy Bob…funny comment! You made me laugh!

  16. Hi,

    What a great and well-explained story about the bison :D. Keep up the good work and I hope Polly will visit Holland soon!! 😀

    Greetings from Holland

  17. Hi Cindy~
    I was out there a few days ago…too bad we missed each other! We bought a loaf of pumpkin bread, which by the way, was fantastic. We’re going over to Orr’s Farm again tomorrow to buy apple cider for Thanksgiving. We were told that they are making it fresh tomorrow.(November 23rd)

  18. I drove by Orr’s Farm Market on Thursday and saw the bison but no Polly. Where were you?