Polly, Don't Eat One of Grandma's Cookies!

Thanksgiving at our house was very fun! I’m so glad that Polly had a chance to travel all the way to Massachusetts. When I first walked into the room I saw Polly was sniffing at some of the cookies that grandma had deliciously baked! When the family was eating cookies for dessert Polly wanted some too! Maddie and Erika found her sitting nearby the cookies trying to snatch a bite. Thanksgiving was very fun and exciting!(:

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5 Responses to “Polly and the Delicious Cookies”

  1. Erika & Maddie~

    I can’t wait to see where you are going to take Polly next! Lobstering on the Cape? :o)

  2. Maddie….Grandma loves to see where Polly goes and this was cute to see Polly in Mass with you on Thanksgiving. Did Polly go swimming and enjoy the fun outside? I’m sure Polly will be going all over the place. Last year with Jasmin and Mariell in Washington,DC, Inner Harbor, MD. and Niagara Falls, Canada. See you soon and loved what you wrote and the pic also. Hugs, Grandma

  3. You’re right, those cookies do look delicious! Was Polly ever able to sneak one off the plate?

  4. I was there and I have to say that Polly was having a blast. What a great Thanksgiving. Many memories to last a lifetime!! Yeah yeah we couldn’t have done it without Polly!!!

  5. I’m an expert on all types of cookies, and those look really (and I do mean REALLY!!!!) good! I just have one question: what’s a Mippy?