On Friday Polly traveled across four different states. We started in West Virginia, and then went through Maryland,Pennsylvania, and ended our trip in up state New York. We were very tired after the long journey, so we brushed our teeth and went right to bed!

We're Tired!

On Saturday morning we woke up very early to start our adventure. We went to the Old Erie Canal. It was used long ago. The Erie Canal is a water way in New York that runs about 363 miles from Albany to Buffalo NY.

Plenty of Sleep! Look at our smiles!

It was constructed from 1817-1832. Polly loved hiking on the paths along the canal. It is were she met some frog friends that live in the canal. Polly and I learned so much about the canal and its purpose.

We had fun checking out the area!

After our hike along the canal we needed to eat. We went to lunch at Friendly’s and talked about our field trip. Polly also stayed at my grandma’s house in DeRuyter,NY, this is a small town in the country, she loved the farms and animals that came around.

"Christopher, are we going to order flies?"

I was so happy to take Polly to Syracuse,NY where I was born, and she learned as much as did I. I look forward to going back soon and I will see all of Polly’s frog friends and update them on all of Polly’s cool adventures.

Hello, up there!

We even learned a song about the Erie Canal and would encourage everyone to look it up and learn the lyrics. I love Polly and took good care of her!!

Christopher M

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12 Responses to “Polly #9 travels to Up State NY, The Erie Canal”

  1. Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal

    “Low bridge, everybody down
    Low bridge, for we’re comin’ to a town
    And you’ll always know your neighbor
    You’ll always know your pal
    If you’ve ever navigated on the Erie Canal”

  2. I’ve heard about the Erie Canal, but this is the first time I’ve ever read this much about it. I really like your story and pictures!

  3. Debbie Upstate NY
    March 29th, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Hi Christopher and Polly, You guys look like you had a great time. I smiled during your whole story. You certainly brightened up my afternoon. Thank you for sharing your adventure. I look forward to more stories.


  4. Christopher~

    Polly sure is a lucky frog. Why? Because it’s obvious that she had a fantastic weekend with you and your family. I love all of your pictures, but what I love even more is how much you taught me about the Erie Canal. That’s what this site is all about–learning about new places all over the world!

    I have never been to the Erie Canal, but now because of your post, I hope to visit someday.

    Thanks again for your fantastic submission.

    Mrs. Schneider

  5. Christopher's Mom
    March 29th, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Christopher, you did so much with Polly, and I am so proud of you! I was so glad to meet Polly, she sure is special! Thank you to all the class and teachers for all your hard work with Polly. She is a lucky little frog to have all of you. I am looking forward to seeing all her new adventures in the future. Keep up the great work class!

  6. Great job Christopher, you were a good tour guide to Polly ,and it looks like you took very good care of her

  7. Christopher, I must say I am so proud of the care you gave to Polly #9. You made sure that she was with someone at all times. You could see the joy in Polly’s face because she smiled the whole time she was here. You did a tremendous job with Polly and I know she appreciated all you did with her over the weekend. I will miss her and hope that she is taken care of just as well on her next journey.

  8. Wow, this is such a great post! You included so many interesting facts and tidbits, that I sure learned a lot…thank you!

  9. I Loved Our Adventure

    Dear Christopher,

    I had so much fun on our adventure. I am learning so much on my trips with my friends in Mrs. Shickle’s class. By the way Christopher thank you for getting me a booster seat at Friendly’s!

    Polly #9

  10. Hi there Christopher and Polly, I am glad you guys had such a good time, and thank you for sharing your adventures. Please let us know the next time you are doing something really cool like this. Have a good day and thanks again,


  11. Dear Polly,

    You are welcome, I still wish I could have used a high chair for you! There were to many babies that needed them when we went to eat. I Loved my weekend with you. I am going back to Syracuse this weekend and will tell all your frog friends hello! My mom will be taking me to some more places that are fun and educational! When I get back I will tell all about it!

    Love Christopher

  12. Grandma Robinson
    April 2nd, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Hello Christopher,

    I am writing to see how it is going without Polly. I am sure you miss her very much. I am sure that she is being taken care of very well by her new friend. It was such a pleasure to meet her. I am hoping that I may meet her again some time on one of my journeys. You never know who you can run into.

    Love Gram