Polly in front of the yurts

I accompanied Walker’s family on a mini-vacation this weekend. We went as a celebration for Walker’s birthday. He took me everywhere he went. We started out with some hiking. I played on some playgrounds, it was scary sliding down the slide and climbing the rock wall.

It looks like a long way down!

You've heard of Spiderman--Meet Spiderfrog!

We stayed in a yurt, this is a round house made with a wood frame and canvas covering. Kind of like a big round tent. You can see the picture of me in front of the yurts.

"I wonder if Walker's Mom will let us have dessert in the yurt!"

Walker’s sister helped me get dressed in my nightgown. She did a good job! I slept really well after such a fun day!

Dreaming about flies!

The next day we went to a discovery museum. I met some friends there. I got to build a tower and learn about bee’s.


I ate some ice cream at Chap’s then we headed to the home of Thomas Jefferson. I got to take a nap in a replica of his bed and I wrote my name with a polygraph.

"Wait a second! Did they say this was called a Polly Graph?"

"Ahhhh, Comfy!"

I enjoyed watching Walker swim and play in the arcade. He beat me at the race car game, I almost passed him! We watched a movie together and ate some snacks. We hated to leave our vacation, I cried, but it was time to go home. We went to the arcade one last time before we left and I beat Walker at that race car game! I had a really fun weekend.

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20 Responses to “Polly #9 stays in a Yurt in Central Virginia”

  1. I want to know if you had dessert in your yurt? Maybe some birthday cake?

  2. Looks like you guys had fun. Polly were you very excited that you won the race car game?

  3. Walker,

    I would love to see a yurt and I think it was very nice of you to take Polly #9 along on your trip.

    I really liked reading about your adventure and hope you take Polly on more trips because I would like to hear about the neat places you visit.

    I hope I find a nice student like you to be my friend one day.

  4. Walker,

    Polly told me that she had a super time on your birthday trip. Now she wants to know when her birthday is so she can have her very own birthday trip. (Mrs. Schneider can you help me with that?)
    Thank you for taking her along and taking such good care of her.

    Mrs. Shickle

  5. Nathaniel and Aslyn
    March 15th, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Walker I hope you loved your vacation. Looks like Polly had a great time. Walker you are the best cousin in the world.

  6. Hey, you did good!

  7. Walker,
    It looks like you and Polly had a lot of fun on your birthday mini-vacation! Thanks for sharing it with us. I was so excited that Polly got to stay in a yurt, but a little jealous, too. I met someone last summer that built his own yurt, and ever since hearing about it, staying in a yurt is on my list of things I would like experience.

    Happy Birthday!
    Mrs. Schneider

  8. Dear Dinah,
    I was very excited when I won the race, I had never played video games before, actually I thing Walker just let me win so I would feel happy, he is very good at video games.
    Polly # 9

  9. Hey Walker,
    It looks like you and Lindsay and Polly had a lot of fun!! I bet polly really liked going down that slide!!

  10. These pictures are hilarious. I really like the sleeping bag and the picture of Polly climbing. This gets an A+ for originality! I had never heard of a yurt before reading this. AWESOME!!!!!

  11. Looks like you had a great time with my friend Walker. That place looks awesome. I can’t wait to have you come home with me.

  12. Dear Polly,
    Did you have fun with Walker? Did you like sleeping in that bed? My favorite picture is Polly in the bed.

  13. I loved my sleep over with Walker! That was a really big bed for such a little frog, but it was really comfy!

  14. I’ve been to Charlottesville, but I would love to try the yurt out. Where can it be found?

  15. Dear Polly #35,
    I took a nap on the ride to the Yurt, so I don’t really know how to get there, but Walker’s mom will be at school on Thursday, so you could ask her. It is really fun!
    Polly #9

  16. Polly, Did you have fun with me while on vacation with my family? Wasn’t the Yurt neat? Did you have fun with Jacob?

  17. What great pictures. It was nice to learn about a Yurt! What a nice vacation. I am sure Polly had a great time with Walker and his family and enjoyed staying in a Yurt!

  18. I’ll bet you had fun with me on that trip to stay in a Yurt. Did you have fun beating me at the race car game? I miss you, Polly! Did you have fun with Jacob?

  19. It was good to hear of your adventures while staying in the Yurt. What a fun vacation for everyone! This is a neat site. I am sure Polly enjoyed being with all of you.

  20. Dear Walker,
    It looks like you and Polly had a great time in the yurt. I wish I went with you because I wanted some ice cream. What flavor was it? Strawberry or Cherry?