Go Green! Just call me Polly the clean up frog!

Go Green! Just call me Polly the clean up frog!

Today, Polly volunteered to help clean up the C&O Canal National Historical Park between Sideling Hill Creek and Fifteen Mile Creek. Warm and sunny days in late November are rare, so the famous travel frog leaped at the opportunity to take a ten mile hike in one of her favorite local spots.

Polly is too short to reach the top of a garbage bag, but she made an excellent supervisor and was pleased by the two large bags of trash that her human friends (Tom and Candee) picked up along the way. However, when Polly is around, the day is never all work and no play, and several animals came out to greet her.

For starters, four gray squirrels nimbly darted on a log across a marshy section of the canal. Later, a pair of indigo buntings stopped on a nearby branch, and Polly’s human friends marveled at their beautiful blue color. She agreed, but she had a question to ask:

“Hey, what’s wrong with green?”

When Polly says she’s green, she really means it! Green isn’t just a color, it’s a way of life, and the travel frog plans to keep the planet clean wherever she goes.

This makes my teeth hurt! Oh wait, I don't have teeth!

If you look carefully when you are out walking in the woods, you can discover what kind of creatures live in the area, even if you don’t see the actual animal. Polly found a tree that was cut down by a beaver! He chomped this tree down with his strong teeth and powerful jaws, and if you look carefully over her shoulder, you can see that the beaver stripped the bark off the tree too. We looked for a beaver lodge at the edge of the river, but couldn’t see anything. Oh well, we know he isn’t too far away!

Stay tuned to the further adventures of Polly the Travel Frog!

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3 Responses to “Polly #5 the Good Samaritan”

  1. Green is so very hip these days! Polly, thanks for cleaning up!

  2. It’s good to see that frogs are getting in on the action…You know what they say, “Green is the new black.”

  3. I like riding on a clean trail! Polly, what would we do without you? Keep up the good work!