I love going to school!



Sometimes when a local high school closes down, all of its history is gone as well. The only thing that’s left is a dusty building that slowly falls into dilapidation. However, this isn’t the case in Oldtown, Md.

The former home of the Oldtown Indians now serves three purposes: the school’s gym is still open to the public; about half of the building houses a shop where classic cars are rebuilt; AND it’s also home to the Schoolhouse Kitchen–a nice little restaurant that offers plenty of bang for the buck! Being hungry, we stuck with the restaurant!

The portions are huge and the cost is low!






Polly #5 was her usual famished self after a brisk bike ride on the C&O Canal. She searched the menu from top-to-bottom three times, but she couldn’t find any of her favorites–mosquito casserole, fly tacos, or deep fried earthworms.

However, the honey dipped fried chicken sounded really good, and her traveling companions, Tom and Candee, both ordered the chicken dinner with two sides. Tom got fries and butter beans, while Candee went with mashed potatoes and corn. Everybody agreed that the food was delicious, and while eating they noticed a most peculiarly themed decoration for the restaurant…

The Oldtown Graduates!







Running along the top of all four walls were the pictures of the graduating classes at the high school. Most senior classes consisted of twenty-five to fifty students–some more, some less–and the row of pictures ended with the Class of 2000.

Today, students who live in the Oldtown area are bused to Cumberland and attend either Fort Hill or Allegheny high schools. It’s sad that some good things don’t last forever, but as long as the Schoolhouse Kitchen keeps serving up good food, the Oldtown Indians will not be forgotten,



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16 Responses to “Polly #5 Eats at the Schoolhouse Kitchen in Oldtown, Md.”

  1. WOW! That food looks really good! I love fried chicken!!!

  2. This is an interesting story. I wish more old buildings could be put to a good use like this. It sounds like a great way to get the community together.

  3. Heather, the old high school is a nice place for members of the community to get together. There was a sign in the restaurant about a dance taking place there in the near future, and the hours (8am to 8pm) pretty much allow the locals to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at the same place. I’ve been there a few times, and it’s not unusual for the waitresses to sit down and talk to the patrons while they’re eating or waiting. In rural areas that’s just good business.

    D. Licious–in a word, you could say that the food is Dee-licious!

  4. Looks good but I bet that meal cost a pretty penny!

  5. Anonymous,

    Actually, it was a little over seven dollars. There are lots of small restaurants in that area that serve up ample portions at a decent price. Road Kill Cafe (Artemas, Pa.) and Weaver’s (Hancock, Md.) also come to mind. Actually, I’d go so far as to say that the food in Hancock is better than the food in (much larger) Martinsburg. All of the locally owned places seem to take care of their patrons really well.

  6. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

  7. I think this is the first post where I’ve seen Polly standing, and that is a fine looking chicken dinner!

  8. Poor Polly 5, you should try some of the food I had in Germany, yummy…
    German bread, German Christmas cookies(I helped to make them), chocolate, currywurst just to name a few.

  9. I want to try some of the chocolate currywurst. Never mind…I didn’t see the comma. My human runs back and forth between Maryland and West Virginia, and I usually have to settle for burgers and chili dogs.

  10. Dear Polly #5,
    How was your dinner? I think the food looks good! Everythig looks good. Did you like the ice tea?

  11. Dear Polly,
    Was the dinner good? I bet the mashed potaoes were so so good! Do you like it? Did you think the tea tasted good?

  12. Destiny and Jasmin,

    The tea was very good, as was the dinner. The chicken is honey-dipped and is crunchy and delicious. If either of you are ever in Oldtown, Maryland, I would highly suggest that you stop at the Schoolhouse Kitchen. You know what they say…

    Winner, winner chicken dinner!

    Polly #5

  13. Hey Polly #5,
    you didn’t post anything in a while, are you sick or do you just sit at home?

  14. Polly #13,

    The last time I counted, Polly #5 had fifteen posts, while you have–ahem–four.

  15. My Tour de Flood post is a classic!

  16. Wow! I heard my picture is on the menu at School House Kitchen! Cool!!! It’s right beside the chicken dinner.