Today, Polly found a wonderful little restaurant/gas station/general store that’s off of the beaten track and far from the maddening city crowds.

She broke out her trusty GPS and navigated as we took I-68 to the Fifteen Mile Creek Road exit, drove to the top of Green Ridge Mountain, and turned left on the road to Artemas, Pennsylvania. This part of western Maryland and south-central Pennsylvania is very scenic, and she insisted that we stop while she posed beside a set of road signs pointing out all of the fun things to do and see nearby.

Which Way Should I Go?

We finally convinced her that we were absolutely starving and made tracks to the locally famous Road Kill Cafe. Don’t let the name fool you, this little culinary hotspot specializes in fine home-cooked meals and offers a lot of bang for the buck! The menu consists of many old favorites, such as country fried steak and fried chicken, and through the week there are daily specials that are sure to please any palate! The owners and staff have a lot of fun with the name of the place and even offer souvenirs with the Road Kill logo, but I assure you that everything on the menu is available at the grocery store.

After getting back home to Martinsburg, WV, Polly disappeared for about an hour. When she returned, she had song lyrics written in praise of the Road Kill Cafe. Granted, some of the items mentioned in her song aren’t on the menu, but she had such a great time that she could hardly contain herself. She told me that it should be sung to the tune of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain,” but all of you are welcome to sing it any way you’d like.

Eatin’ at the Roadkill Cafe
Submitted by: Polly #5

Eating at the Roadkill Cafe

Polly’s eatin’ at the Road Kill Cafe
Yeah, she’s eatin’ at the Road Kill Cafe
Her folks flew in from Yuma
To try the splattered puma,
And they’re eatin’ at the Road Kill Cafe

Road Kill Cafe,
Road Kill Cafe
If she leaves for there by April
She might make it back by May
That deep dish ‘possum pizza
Makes her stand and shout hooray,
And she got it at the Road Kill Cafe

Why’d that chicken cross the road now anyway
T’get on the menu at the Road Kill Cafe
This started as a riddle
’til he wound up on the griddle
And served up at the Road Kill Cafe

Road Kill Cafe,
Road Kill Cafe
The best of fun and fixin’s
Is in Artemas, PA
The great-grandson of that ‘coon
That was worn by Dan’l Boone
Is what’s cookin’ at the Road Kill Cafe

Well, the motto at the Road Kill Cafe
Made ol’ Polly surely wanna stop and stay
They say there if you kill it
That they will up and grill it
And serve it at the Road Kill Cafe

Road Kill Cafe,
Road Kill Cafe
If you’re ever on I-68
It’s right there on the way
While you’re in there eatin’
The sheep are outside bleatin’
You’ll surely love the Road Kill Cafe


The World Famous Road Kill Cafe

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4 Responses to “Polly #5 at the Road Kill Cafe”

  1. Some of the specials are spaghetti, short ribs, all-you-can-eat fish, and Barb’s Surprise. The food is outstanding, but it’s important to remember that they have a limited menu (cold sandwiches, pizza, and soup)and shortened hours (Noon-2:30)on Sunday. Also, in warmer months there is an ice cream stand outside. They serve up a mean shake! This is one of the better places I’ve ever eaten!

  2. Billy Bob Thornton (not the famous one)
    August 10th, 2010 at 1:19 am

    I’ve been there, and the food is great. On Friday they have an “all you can eat” fish fry for about ten bucks! And Wednesday is spaghetti day–yum, yum! I love the Road Kill Cafe!


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