Hopping with Polly!

Well, as you are probably aware of, we are now in the midst of digging out of the Blizzard of 2010. Here at the King household we haven’t been able to get out much (except to shovel) so we have made great use of one of our presents from Santa this year. If you recall from our previous post, Polly #4 asked Santa for a trampoline. Well he not only granted that wish, but did a little better and brought the family a bouncer. It has brought us lots of great times but I must say it truly has been a blessing during this record breaking winter. So if you have been curious as to what Polly #4 has been up to, sadly I have to report we haven’t traveled much but we have been hopping around. Hopefully come spring and summer we will have some great adventures for our readers. I have been doing lots of research during our great “snow-cation”!! Take care and stay warm!! 🙂

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6 Responses to “Polly #4 Hops, Hops, and Hops some more!!”

  1. Feb 13, 2010
    Two Thumbs Up
    by: T. R.

    Santa is the man!

  2. Feb 12, 2010
    by: Anonymous

    Hop, Hop, Hopping your way through your “snow-cation”….fun! It looks like Polly and the kids are having a great time!

  3. Feb 12, 2010
    great picture
    by: Anonymous

    It looks like all of you are having a really good time! Enjoy your snowcation!

  4. Feb 12, 2010
    Wow looks like fun!
    by: Mrs. Shickle

    Wow Emma, it looks like you Spence and Polly are having a fun time

  5. Feb 12, 2010
    Oh, I Love It!
    by: Candee

    Oh, I love this picture. That is quite a toy…it looks like so much fun!

  6. Feb 12, 2010
    What fun!
    by: Debbie

    Wow, I wish I could come over to your house to play. It looks like everyone, Polly #4 included, is having a great time!