Inside the Museum





For a little break, we headed up to the Science Center in Cleveland. 
 It is located right beside Lake Erie next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  It was full of hands-on exhibits and an awesome IMAX theater where we saw “Born to be Wild.”

Another cool exhibit! Push down and fog rises.

Polly gets hoppin' on these musical pads!

A Hair Raisin' Time





Bridge of Fire – a static generator generates 200,000 volts of electric current, causing the shortest hair to stand on end!






There are more than 100 hands-on exhibits that satisfy and delight the curious scientist in each of us.








Great Lakes Science Center is the new official site of the NASA Glenn Visitor Center. Phase I, which features more than 50 exhibits and artifacts, is now open, and work on the highly anticipated second phase of the Visitor Center is currently underway. When fully complete in 2012, the new NASA Glenn Visitor Center will feature an exciting blend of NASA artifacts and new, highly interactive exhibits focusing on aeronautics, scientific discovery and space exploration.

I am only 5 and they let me drive!

It's hard to believe that 3 astronauts lived in here for 60 days.

Mission: create a living space for the Moon.

This exhibit "rocks!"


Check out my new friend!


There were so many more exhibits to see.  Hopefully, we can visit there again soon!























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  1. Great Post, Polly #35! You take your family to so many interesting places. It looks like you had a travel-filled summer!