I Was Proud to Meet K.W & G.W's Great Grandparents! (And let me tell you, they sure were great!)

K.W. and G.W. took me on a field trip during our week of Spring Break. We went to Berkeley Springs to the “petting farm”.  I met two wonderful people there. They were the owners of the farm. They were kind to me and even took a picture with me. These wonderful people were K.W. and G.W.’s great grandparents.

While there I was able to see a beautiful bird. It fanned its tail at me and had amazing colorful spots on it. They called it a peacock. I tried to touch it but it would run away.

Look at those colors! Hey, wait a minute-I think G.W.'s mom was focusing on the peacock and not on me!

I also was able to feed some small bunnies. K.W. helped me feed them grass. They ate it right out of our hands. I wanted to bring at least one home but K.W. and G.W.’s mom told me I could not do that.

Some"bunny" (that would be me) thinks these little guys are pretty cute! Can I take the white one home? Please!

Last we visited the pigeon and dove cage. Her grandfather told me that we could not go in there because the birds would fly out of the cage, so we had to take a picture from the outside.

I know they are hard to see, but they're in there!

I have had a wonderful Spring Break and look forward to many more trips with K.W. and G.W.

Love, Polly

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One Response to “Polly #32 takes a field trip”

  1. Thank you and the great grandparents for a great story and great pictures. I especially like the rabbits!