Mystic Pizza

Step inside for a Little Slice of Heaven!

Have you ever seen the movie called “Mystic Pizza”? Well Debbie, Candee and I were in Mystic Connecticut recently and saw the restaurant that was the inspiration for the movie. We decided to eat there (even though we were being very touristy), and while we were there we talked to our waitress and learned a little bit about how the movie came to be.

The restaurant was started in 1973 by the Zelepos family. The pizza was very popular with the locals and tourists as well and the restaurant became very popular in the town. One day, a Los Angeles screen writer named Amy Jones was in town and decided to make a movie based on the pizza shop. The movie was filmed on location in Mystic and neighboring towns.

The movie “Mystic Pizza” was released in 1988 and starred Julia Roberts in one of her first roles. and was a huge hit. After the movie was released, the little pizza shop could barely keep up with demand. The sign above the store states that their pizza is “A Slice of Heaven.” Customers lined up on the sidewalk and the restaurant couldn’t keep up with the demand. People took menus and matchbooks as souvenirs and people lined the streets taking pictures of the restaurant and it’s sign. The demand continued to be so great that a second restaurant called Mystic Pizza II was opened in 1991 in nearby North Stonington, Ct.

In 1996 the original Mystic Pizza was doubled in size and the restaurant now had a take out room and an eat in area as well. Inside the restaurant, the walls are adorned with photos from the movie as well as articles from various local and national publications. All the waitresses wear tshirts that say “Slice of Heaven” on them.

Mystic Pizza

Doesn't it look good?




In addition to pizza, they serve seafood, homemade soups, sandwiches and more. Debbie and Candee had some fried dill pickle chips as an appetizer and shared a small pizza. It was a lot of fun looking at all of the pictures on the walls while we waited for our food.









I’d love to hear from anyone else that has eaten at Mystic Pizza. Did you like it?


Mystic Pizza

Enjoying a sip of iced tea!

Mystic Pizza

Do you recognize the person in the picture behind me?













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5 Responses to “Polly #3 Went to Mystic to Eat Pizza!”

  1. The person in the picture behind you Ashley Judd. Trust me! I know all about actors and their roles.

  2. Put your glasses on Roger! Everybody knows that’s Jennifer Garner! She was in a movie that took place in a pizza shop up in New England somewhere. I can’t remember what it’s called…it’s right on the tip of my tongue.

  3. Will you two stop already?!!! That’s Eric Roberts’ sister! I can’t remember her first name though. I don’t think she’s as famous as her brother. He was in “Runaway Train” and a couple of kung fu movies.

  4. I’ve only seen the movie

  5. Ha ha…I saw the movie a very long time ago, and I barely remember it! I’ve never been to the restaurant, in fact, I didn’t even know that there was a real Mystic Pizza. One can never tell with Hollywood!