Polly recently visited Deer Isle, Maine and ran into a few of the natives. Fortunately for her, this 'band' of crustaceans were about to find themselves in a bit of hot water! Our hero, Polly, hopped to safety and enjoyed a wonderful lobster dinner!

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22 Responses to “Polly #3 vs. the Lobsters”

  1. Did you think that was awesome?

  2. Seeing the lobsters was VERY awesome…I even got the chance to meet the lobsterman who caught then in his traps!
    Love, Polly #3

  3. Did you have FUN?

  4. Yes, I had a great time in Maine. It’s a very pretty state!
    Polly #3

  5. You have traveled to more places than I could count !!!

  6. Polly i miss u come and visit me and tell the next person hi and a happy NEWYEAR BYE!!!

  7. Thank you for telling me the website.

  8. Did Polly get hurt at all?

  9. jakob livingston
    April 19th, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    i moved schools but still give me the card

  10. Can you give me two cards please so i can give one to my brother

  11. Mrs shnider what are you doing?

  12. Please give me 2 cards tomorrow…

  13. I will wait…

  14. Hi Lily~
    Thank you so much for visiting my website! Polly has been to so many interesting places. Did you see the story about Polly traveling to the Arctic Circle? It’s cold up there!
    Mrs. Schneider

  15. Lily~
    Polly was a superstar. She wrestled three lobsters and didn’t get hurt! Thanks for asking about her!
    Mrs. Schneider

  16. Hi Jakob~
    What card do you mean?

  17. Hi Lily~
    What card do you mean?

  18. Hi Nevaeh~
    Right now I’m reading all the comments that were left on the website. Thanks for visiting! Have you seen the post about Polly eating a red hotdog when she was in Maine? Check it out here—->It was so good!
    Love, Mrs. Schneider

  19. Can you sell me a Polly, Mrs.Schneider? Also can she be cat?

  20. Hi Lily~
    Thanks for writing! I’m sorry, but Polly can’t be a cat because she’s a frog!
    Mrs. Schneider

  21. What are you doing today? Hi, Mrs. Schneider, can I have a free Polly? Thank you.

  22. I want a polly.