Have you ever seen this house before?


Pierre, Candee, and me in front of the White House. I wonder if President Obama is in residence today?


The Eisenhower Executive Office Building gets a face lift! This picture only shows a tiny portion of the massive building that was once referred to by Mark Twain as the ugliest building in America!



I’m sure you’ve heard of the White House, but have you ever heard of the Blair House before? It’s located on Pennsylvania Avenue near Lafayette park, and sits directly across the street from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.Originally built in 1824 and used as a private residence, the Blair house is now made up of four interconnected townhouses forming a 110-room complex totaling an astonishing 70,000 square feet (The White House is approximately 55,000 square feet!), and is used as the official state guest house for the President of the United States.



The Blair House, at 1651-1653 Pennsylvania Avenue, is located diagonally across the street from the White House.


Hanging around at the Blair House

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5 Responses to “Polly #3 Visits the White House & the Blair House”

  1. Polly, that’s a cool picture of you in front of the White House. Is there any chance of seeing POLLY THE TRAVEL FROG on the ballot in 2012? I think you’d make a great president!

  2. Hi, Mrs. Schneider,
    You know me, Bradley in Mrs. Sherrard’s class. Did you ever visit the president. I bet if you did you would really honored and exited because I would sorry I could not type this last word on the computer right. Something just happened to the computer, so I’m sorry.

  3. Bradley,
    Years ago I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Barbara Bush, who was the first lady of our country at the time. It was an honor to meet her. She was very friendly and I had the chance to talk to her for a few minutes. (I even had my picture in the paper with her!) A few years ago, I had toured the White House with someone who worked there. It was a great tour, but the president wasn’t in residence (at home) at the time. Too bad…that would have been fun to meet him!

    Thanks for writing!
    Mrs. Schneider & Polly #3

  4. Would you like to go to Paris, France or Spain?

  5. Hi Maria~
    Thanks for writing! I’ve been to Spain and I’m going again this summer. I have never been to Paris, France and it’s near the top of my bucket list!