We decided to get something to eat after a bit of sightseeing in Minneapolis and we happened to sit down next a group of men that seemed to be enjoying the baseball game on TV. We started chatting with one of the guys and when we teased him about being focused on the game, he told us that he was working. Working? When we questioned him further, he pointed to the screen and said that he was watching his team. Of course we all laughed and assumed he was a fan. Not thinking much of his comment, I glanced over and saw that the Phillies were playing.

Hey, Gene...Polly would love to see the Phillies play!

A little while later we offered him some of our pizza, because it was way too much for us to eat. He politely declined and told us that he needed to leave in a few minutes because he had to get back to work. Twice he mentioned work, so we asked him what he did for a living. His answer…he was a Scout for the Philadelphia Phillies and a previous major league baseball player for the same team. He was in town to watch the Twins play the Yankees! Imagine our surprise!

Check out this bling, I mean ring!

We got a kick out of talking to Gene Schall and he even let Polly try on his championship ring! I know his buddies probably razed him for agreeing to have his picture taken with a frog…but we appreciated it! He was a really nice guy!

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7 Responses to “Polly #3 Meets Gene Schall”

  1. You sure do meet a lot of interesting people. I think I’m going to start hanging around with you!

  2. He was a really nice guy and I’m glad I got the chance to talk to him!

  3. cool ring!

  4. I see a fellow frog in the background of the ring picture. Could that be Polly #2?

  5. It looks like Polly is interesting to all kinds of people, not just kids.

  6. The frog that you see in the background is either Polly #14 or Polly #32…I’m not really sure! 🙂

  7. Gene Schall rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!