Debbie, Candee and I enjoyed a delicious Venezuelan meal at El Gran Sabor restaurant in Elkins, West Virginia. It’s located across from the Iron Horse on Keren’s Avenue and is on a quiet, residential street. There is live music on some evenings and the head chef and owner of the restaurant is originally from Venezuela so the food is very authentic and delicious!

Bri was our wonderful waitress for the evening. She was very helpful with giving us suggestions for our meal choices and we weren’t disappointed! Everything we had was excellent and we can’t wait to return!

After eating our meal, we ordered dessert and asked if we could move into the room where the live music was. We finished up by listening to the guitar player while we finished with our delicious desserts!


This is Bri...she was a great waitress for us!


We started off with tostones


Chachapa, beans and rice...yum!













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3 Responses to “Polly #3 enjoys Venezuelan food at El Gran Sabor in Elkins, West Virginia”

  1. That looks really good! So many restaurants–even those with ethnic cuisine–are SO prefab. If you can find a place where the head chef is the owner, you should stop in for a bite every time! I’m going to write this down and try it the next time I’m in Elkins.

  2. I was excited to meet ya’ll and glad that you enjoyed it. Come by anytime. 🙂

  3. Hi Bri! Thanks for visiting our site and leaving a message. Our meal was fantastic, and you truly are an asset to the restaurant…they’re lucky to have you! El Gran Sabor is now on our list of “must do again”!