Country Roads...Take Me Home!

I’ve traveled to many places around the world, and it seems that no matter where I go, people seem to know the song, Country Roads, written by John Denver. They know all the words to the song, that’s for sure, but they don’t really know where West Virginia is located, nor the beauty this small state holds within its borders.

One of my favorite “Country Roads” experiences happened in 2004, when I was teaching conversational English is Jiaxing, China to a group of middle-school aged students. Upon hearing where I hailed from, five or six of them immediately clamped their arms over each other’s shoulders, and sang Country Roads as loud and strong as they could muster. Their broad smiles showed how proud they were of themselves for knowing the words to this famous American song, and they appeared to be even more pleased that they were able to sing it to someone that came from this faraway place, known only to them through song.

Country Barn

Pretty in Pink!

A few days ago, I took a walk through Arden, West Virginia, an unincorporated hamlet in Berkeley County. As I walked down the dusty roads, weaving my way through blooming peach and apple trees, memories from China came floating back to me, and before long, I caught myself singing the words to a familiar song.

A Happy Frog!

Blue & Pink

“Country roads, take me home,
To the place I belong,
West Virginia, Mountain Mama,
Take me home, country roads.”
~John Denver~

Peach trees as far as the eye can see!

As I sang and walked, I looked around at the beauty that surrounded me—rows and rows of pale pink blossoming trees, rolling green hills, rich brown soil, and even the herds of bison and long horn cattle in the distance reminded me that West Virginia, is indeed, almost heaven!


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5 Responses to “Polly #3-Country Roads (West Virginia)”

  1. Polly #3 and Candee
    April 10th, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    Thanks Amber, and don’t forget to walk those country roads while you are out there! Today is walking day! :o)

  2. I loved this post and your pictures are beautiful. I absolutely adore driving through Arden this time of year. You really did capture the true picture of Spring in WV. I think I will head there today to do some photos of the kids!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. These pictures are beautiful!

    I was just in England and when Debbie and I were visiting Statford-Upon_Avon, we started talking to four women from Greenwich, England. They asked us where we were from, and when Debbie said West Virginia, they started saying some of the words to Country Roads.

    I think people all over the world know that song!

  4. These pictures are pretty!

    Thanks Harlie!

  5. I think ol’ John needed to take a closer look at a map, but at least you’re close to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah River in Martinsburg. I guess “Allegheny Plateau, Monongahela River” wouldn’t have made a good line for the song.