After a very long time in the car, we finally crossed over into the state of Florida, and what comes to mind when you think of Florida…beaches, of course! Although our goal was to see the Space Shuttle launch, we were looking forward to seeing the ocean and beaches, too! The first one we saw signs for was Daytona Beach. Hmmm…it was very different than what I’ve experienced before. Cars were parked on the beach, extension cords were laid out across the sand leading to food vendors, and there were even traffic signs directing the flow and speed of cars! Visually, I also didn’t like the high rise condominiums and hotels that dotted the edge of the beach as far as you could see in either direction. With that said, the sand and the ocean were beautiful! The sand felt smooth under our feet, the ocean temperature was much warmer than I’m used to, which was nice, and I loved seeing pelicans flying overhead.

Burgers on the Beach

Driving on the Beach? Ugh!

I want to swim!





Although I don’t know the actual temperature, the water felt really good! I’m used to the Atlantic ocean up in New England. Brrrr…..cold!

Lovely! Blue Skies and Palm Trees













Oh, I forgot to mention the palm trees…an instant reminder of vacation!

Surfing Lesson! Yes!











Surfing Lessons were offered right at the beach. Grab a board and let’s get going! If we had stayed longer, that would have been really fun to do! I’m not sure I could have gotten up on the board, but it would definitely fall under the category of ‘Great Life Experiences’!



Really? Traffic Lanes on the Beach?

Slow Down!
























Daytona Beach Report Card:
Feel & Look of the Sand: A
Ocean View: A+
Abundance of Shore Birds, Gulls, & Pelicans: A+
Water Temperature: B+
Human Impact: D-

Another View of the Beach

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11 Responses to “Polly #3 & #13 Explored Daytona Beach”

  1. Did you take any pictures of the pelicans?

  2. It looks like you had a beautiful day to visit Daytona Beach. The sky looks so pretty, and I think that Polly #3 and Polly #13 must like to go to the beach as much as I do!

  3. Polly #2~
    It was a beautiful day to go to the beach. I was just sad to see how humans can ruin such a pretty thing! It was really depressing, but when my back was turned to the buildings, cars, and people, the view of the ocean was spectacular!

    I did take pictures of the pelicans, but since they were in flight, it was hard to get a really good picture of them. I did get a good picture at another place in Florida and you can see it here: Pelican Pics

  4. Destiny and Jennifer
    October 28th, 2011 at 11:32 am

    Dear Mrs.Schneider,
    We liked the pictures that you took.

  5. I think that ice cream would be tasty and 10 mph is slow!

  6. Did you go to the world’s tallest building?

  7. Dear Polly #3,
    What do you like the most at the beach? I like the waves, sand, seashells, surfing and the nice sea breeze. Did you see any hermit crabs? Was Daytona Beach fun? How’s Polly? What do you like better: Sand or waves? I like both!:)

  8. Dear Haylee,
    I enjoy so many things about the beach. I guess it depends on my mood, but here are some of the things I love about it….
    1. I love to close my eyes and listen to the surf.
    2. I love to look out over the ocean and imagine what it would have been like to cross the ocean in a big ship hundreds of years ago…..scary and exciting!
    3. When my kids were little, I loved building sand castles with them.
    4. I love the smell of fried clams….that smell always reminds me of the beach!
    5. I love watching the birds at the beach!
    6. The beach I go to on Cape Cod has seals that swim close to shore. It’s always a treat to see them popping their heads above the surface of the water.
    7. I enjoy taking long walks on the beach. While I’m walking, I am always on the look-out for seashells and interesting pieces of sea glass.
    8. My Dad takes us to the beach in his boat. It’s lovely pulling his boat up to the soft sand and hopping out onto a deserted beach! It’s such a treat to be on the beach and nobody else is there except you and your family!
    9. I love swimming in the ocean!
    10. I love the smell of the ocean!

    I guess you tell that I really love going to the beach! Daytona Beach wasn’t very fun for me because it was too crowded and I didn’t like that they allowed so many cars on the beach. I didn’t see any hermit crabs when I was at Daytona Beach, but I have seen them many times at beaches on Cape Cod!

    Thanks so much for writing! You asked some wonderful questions and it was fun answering them!

    Mrs. Schneider & Polly #3

  9. What did you eat at the beach?


  11. Hi Kendra~
    I had a great time in Florida! Daytona Beach was a bit too crowded for my taste. My favorite part of our vacation was visiting Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge<—Click the link and check it out!
    Love, Polly #3