Skaket Beach, Orleans, MA

Polly at Skaket Beach, Orleans, Massachusetts

I was very excited when I learned that I would be visiting Cape Cod. I imagined sunning myself on the beach, boat rides and digging clams. Boy, was I surprised!! It is so cold here … not typical Cape Cod weather. I had heard that golfers can usually play most days through the winter. The people that I’m visiting were kind enough to lend me a hat, scarf and mittens and we set off to see what Cape Cod Bay looked like. I thought I was at the north pole, not Skaket Beach.

Rock Harbor, Orleans, MA

We went to see the boats at Rock Harbor, but they were all out of the water for the winter.

The water is frozen almost to the horizon. Only a narrow strip of open water. You know it is really cold if salt water freezes! We also stopped by the fishing pier at Rock Harbor … more ice and snow as far as you can see!

Cape Cod, MA

"Brrrr--Cold out there! Ahhh--Warm in here!"

I decided to stay in the car where it was warm. A frog with ‘rosy cheeks’ just looks brown! Red and green don’t mix well. Not a pretty sight.

Just wanted to let all my friends know that I arrived safely in Massachusetts. I heard that I’m going to go on a cruise to Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti with my new family for 6 weeks in March. I’m really anxious to see a Kangaroo and live on a cruise ship.

Well, check out the pictures I sent … remember that white stuff is snow and ice NOT sand at the beach.

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4 Responses to “Polly #28 in Cape Cod”

  1. When I think of Cape Cod I think of blue skies, beautiful beaches, lobster, and sunsets….not snow on the beach! What a shock for Polly to arrive in the cold weather! I’m glad you had cold weather gear for her! Will she have a bikini to wear in the summer?

    Polly is a lucky frog indeed!

  2. Polly #28 is very lucky to be visiting beautiful Cape Cod. She looks like she is fitting in with her beautiful hat, scarf and mittens.

    I’m very jealous that she’ll also be visiting Australia, Tahiti and New Zealand…what a lucky frog! I hope she gets to see a kangaroo and I can’t wait to see her enjoying the cruise ship. It’ll be amazing!

  3. I was just wondering where the Polly Gear came from. I’ve been out in some really cold weather along the C&O Canal, and I know for sure that red and green don’t mix. I could have used a scarf and a knit cap. I’m very jealous–you might say green with envy–but I have to admit that Polly #28 is looking good!

  4. take a picture with Polly and a lobster. I would get such a kick out of that. How much does lobster cost on Cape Cod?