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Hey guys! It’s Polly Pitts. I’m sorry that I haven’t been around lately, but soooo much has been going on. Breonna went to WV and NJ for the summer with her older brother and younger sister, but I got to stay home with Mommy and we went to all kinds of fun places.

I also talked to Breonna once a week while she was away. I’ve been to the beach and visited family members. I love riding in Mommy’s car. She lets me sit up front so I can see all the great sites of Virginia Beach.


Breonna & Polly





Well now school is back in session and Breonna has started 1st grade. She is doing GREAT! But we all know that she would. Her teacher is very interested in buying a Polly for her classroom. Can you please send us some information?

Well, I gotta go. We are about to head over to Aunt Glady’s house to play with our cousins. I hope that everyone is doing well. Breonna and I miss all of you. Please tell Ms. Shickle and Ms. Custer that we love and miss them 🙂

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7 Responses to “Polly 27 had a great summer!”

  1. Hi Polly #27 & Breonna~
    It sounds like you had a great summer…thanks so much for posting! 🙂

    I’m happy to hear that your teacher might be interesting in purchasing a Polly Frog for her class. She can click this link http://www.pollythetravelfrog.com/buy-polly or click the “buy polly” link at the very top of the homepage.

    If she has any questions, she can contact us by clicking “contact”, which is also found at the top of the homepage!

    Thanks again,
    Mrs. Schneider & Polly #3

  2. Where’s Polly’s shirt? She’s going to be cold this winter!

  3. Hi Polly 27 and Breonna,
    I am so excited to hear from you!!! I think about you often and am glad to hear from you. I knew you would be a wonderful first grader.
    I think it would be awsome if your teacher would buy a Polly for your class. We have two Polly’s in our class now. Polly #9 and Polly #19.
    Polly # 9 had some great adventures this summer also. She went to Africa and to Florida. I will be posting about her adventures soon.
    Please keep in touch. Love and miss you bunches.
    Mrs. Shickle

  4. Polly looks cool without the t-shirt!

  5. Polly Pitts and Breonna is a good story unto itself. Mrs. Schneider told me about the big move to Virginia Beach and how Mrs. Shickle brought Polly and Breonna together. It’s great that all of you can keep in touch.

  6. Sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun this summer. I’d love to read some classroom stories from your new school!

  7. I love your pictures and i like them.