I was allowed to "hop" behind the counter with Rhonda to see what it was like.

Polly #2 was excited to visit a post office in Pennsylvania where she got a tour of the facility and the procedure for sorting the mail was explained to her.

Many thanks to Mindy, the supervisor, for letting me tour the post office and find out all about how the post office works.

The mail bins are really big and it was fun to take a ride on a bin around the mail area.

It's hard work to sort the mail and make sure it's delivered to the right people.

Cathy has worked for the postal service for a long time and she showed a lot of patience when she gave me tips on how to sort the mail more efficiently.

Before leaving from my tour, I couldn't resist taking a ride on a mail truck.

Many thanks to everyone for their kindness to me during

my visit to the post office!

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2 Responses to “Polly #2 Visits the Post Office”

  1. I bet you’re the first frog to ever get a tour of a post office!

  2. My human is a letter carrier for the USPS, but he says the only way he’ll take me to the post office is if I help him with his work load. He comes home tired and grumbly every night, so I respectfully declined his offer. However, I really enjoyed reading this article and seeing some of the tools of the trade.