The museum is housed in this building, and is free to visit


I had a geat time riding the cable cars in San Francisco, so one day I walked from my hotel to the Cable Car Museum to explore their history.     The museum is located at 1201 Mason Street in the Washington-Mason powerhouse and car barn on Nob Hill, and houses a collection of historic cable cars, photographs, and mechanical displays. There is also a gift shop run by the Friends of the Cable Car Museum, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of cable car history. There is no admission fee for the museum, and it was fun to learn more about these unique vehicles.


I couldn't wait to learn all about cable cars!


The cables were running the whole time I was there,and it was pretty noisy


Some of the old street lamps and signposts



One of the old cable cars that was on display

Another old cable car











Even though I was tempted to hop onto the cable car, I didn't want to break the rules!





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