As Polly #2 was strolling up and down the sidewalks of Chicago on her last day there, she chanced upon a Crumbs bakery. Crumbs opened their first shop in New York in 2003, and now has locations in several east coast states, Chicago, and California. More than 50 varieties of cupcakes are baked daily, and you can get either the large Signature size, or the smaller Taste size. In addition to cupcakes, there are other tasty baked goods for sale. If you are lucky enough to have a Crumbs near you, you can indulge at any time. For those of us without one in our town, Crumbs allows us to order their delicious baked goods which can be delivered right to our front door!


With all these great choices, it took me a long ttime to decide on what I wanted!

My friend Kalah let me hop behind the counter to check out the action. Can you see my Red Velvet Cupcake sitting there on the counter?

I couldn't resist hopping into the bag after I finished my delicious treat. I look pretty good in you think they may consider making a frog shaped cupcake?

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