Watching a sunset from Nauset Beach

I think everyone has paused to watch the sun disappearing below the horizon at one time or another. This is what is referred to as a sunset and the way they look depends a lot on the atmospheric conditions that are present at the time.

There are so many variations to the way a sunset looks. There can be a wide range of hues of a sunset, from pales to intense reds and oranges. The intense colors are mainly caused by the presence of dust particles or other types of particulates in the air

Have you ever heard the phrase “Red in the morning, sailors take warning. Red at night sailors, sailors delight”?

A reddish sky around sunrise usually means that rainy weather is expected. The redder sky is due to the presence of more water vapor in the atmosphere. A reddish sky in the evening means that the weather is improving. The sky is made red by the sunset reflected in the clouds.

There are so many beautiful sunsets that you can see and I love to take pictures that I can look back on and enjoy. I’ve included just a few of the beautiful sunsets I saw in Cape Cod this summer.


A beautiful sunset over the ocean!


A sunset over the boardwalk


A lone fisherman at sunset


A peaceful sunset over the Cove


Watching the sunset over the backs of two whales during our whalewatching trip!


Watching the sunset from the deck of the boat!


People strolling Skaket Beach at sunset.

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  1. Very pretty! I especially love the “lone fisherman”!

  2. I’ve always love a beautiful sunset. Each one is so unique.

  3. There’s nothing like a sunset over the ocean!

  4. that sunset is beatiful

  5. Thank you for checking out the post and I’m glad you like the picture!