One of the historic streetcars originally from Illinois



Another streetcar going up Market Street


One of the many fascinating things about San Francisco is their public transportation system. I’ve never seen so many different types of vehicles in one city, and what is so special is that they are all different. The San Francisco’s public transportation system is called the Municipal Railway, or muni.

Some of the types of muni you may see are cable cars, historic streetcars (which can also be called a trolley or a tram), buses, trolley coaches (looks like regular buses, but are completely electric and have twin poles on the roof of the bus that draw power from double overhead wires, and has rubber tires like a bus), and muni metro streetcars which operate underground in the downtown area, and at street level in the outer area of the city. Another way to get around the area is by the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport), which is not part of the muni system.

I had the opportunity almost every type of transportation that San Francisco offers, except for BART. If I would have had a few more days there, I probably would have ridden that as well! Besides that cable cars which would be an obvious choice, my next favorite way to get around was on the historic streetcars.

I wanted to get pictures of all the different streetcars!


Streetcars run on steel rails, with no slot between the tracks, and no underground cable. They are propelled by onboard electric motors and require a trolley pole to draw power from an overhead wire. What is really interesting about San Francisco’s streetcar collection, is how unique and different looking they are. The historic  streetcars being used there include San Francisco’s antique streetcars, streetcars from cities around the United States, and a collection of trolleys trams and streetcars from world cities. You never know which streetcar you’ll come upon next as you’re waiting to catch a ride!


You have to make sure you are at one of the F-Market stops to get on one of the historic streetcars



I'm glad there weren't a lot of people on this time, because usually they are very crowded!

I enjoyed having it all to myself even more!












I couldn't wait to hop on...

I think I'll sit near the front!
















Here we are, exiting the streetcar


One of the drivers agreed to have a picture taken with me!


A streetcar pulling away from one of the stops

Waiting to start it's run















This one is from Boston




One of the trolley coaches





Of course, I rode on one of these as well!







Another historic streetcar

Two streetcars passing on Market street
















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  1. Tres cool! Polly #2 has been really busy lately. Your posts rock!

  2. Jazzy Jeff,

    Thanks, I’ve been having a lot of fun this summer, and have more posts coming up!