Recently, Debbie, Candee and I visited the New River Gorge area in West Virginia. Many people will recognize the New River Gorge Bridge which was already well known, but is even more famous since it was put on the West Virginia quarter in 2005.

New River Gorge Bridge

This is what I call a big bridge!

The New River Gorge Bridge is located in southern West Virginia, near Fayetteville. It’s a steel arch bridge and for many years was the longest one in the world. The bridge is still the largest arch bridge in the United States. but is the third largest in the world. More than 16,000 vehicles cross it per day according to Wikipedia. It is 876 feet high which makes it the highest vehicular bridge in America, and the fifth highest in the world. It is part of US 19 and allows traffic to cross over the New River.

New River Gorge

A view of the New River and Gorge from the lookout area.

One of the things that the area is known for is “Bridge Day”, which occurs every October. During that day, the bridge is closed to vehicular traffic, and festivities there include rappelling, ascending and base jumping. At one time, bungee jumping was included, but that has been banned since 1993.

There is a visitor center there, and a scenic overlook and staircase which goes a short way into the gorge for a really pretty view of the bridge. We were interested in going even further down into the gorge for pictures and found some local people who gave us directions to go the the bottom. It was well worth the trip down for the beautiful views we had of the bridge from below!

New River Gorge Bridge

Enjoying the view from the bottom of the gorge!

New River Gorge Bridge

I could have sat here all day looking at the river and the bridge. It was so peaceful!

New River Gorge Bridge

Even from far away, the bridge looks big!

If you’re visiting the New River Gorge Bride and you get hungry…I know exactly where you should go to eat! Click here to read all about it!

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  1. Either Polly is really little or that bridge is really BIG! Great pictures and story, Polly #2!

  2. I like the third picture. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Polly when she wasn’t hamming it up for the camera. This whole frog idea is brilliant. I love reading these stories.

  3. I like the third picture too. Funny stuff