Imagine my surprise when I found this beautiful beach in Chicago!


Who would have ever thought that you could find a beautiful, white sand beach in the city of Chicago? I was amazed to come across this beach, and was fortunate enough to be there on a warm sunny day. There are several other beaches along the shore of the lake, and the next time I visit Chicago, I’d like to explore the other beaches as well.

This is a great view of the Hancock Tower from the beach



Do you think they know that I'm watching them?


I should have worn my bathing suit so I could have gone sunbathing on the beach with all the other people there that day


I climbed all the way to the top of the lifeguard tower, and the view was even better!


I really wanted to rent a bike and ride along the shore. Unfortunately my legs were too short!



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One Response to “Polly #2 Found Ohio Street Beach in Chicago”

  1. Polly in that picture it looks like you are a lifeguard. Did you have fun sitting up there?