On Polly #2’s recent trip to Chicago, she felt like trying a new adventure, and decided to travel by Amtrak train. She was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and relaxing it was, and decided that she would definitely be willing to try this mode of transportation again sometime.

It was very convenient for Polly to hop on the train right in her hometown of Martinsburg, West Virginia

It was exciting to see the big train pull into the station!










It was a pleasant surprise to see how large and comfortable the seats were

It was very relaxing to sit in the observation car, and watch all the pretty scenery roll by


When it was close to dinner time, Polly chose a seat close to the dining car so she'd be right there was her dinner time was announced













Time to settle back for a good night's sleep after a delicious dinner









Time to freshen up in the lounge before breakfast

Union Station in Chicago was a convenient place to arrive and depart from because it was right in the middle of the city

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