This summer my family and I went on a vacation. We went to Wisconsin to visit a dairy farm. While I was on the farm I saw cute little puppy named Chubs. I got to hold Chubs and Chubs is Polly’s new best friend!

Polly, Collin, and Chubs....friends!

These cows were about to have babies. Polly and I took a picture with the cows. My feet got itchy from the hay.

Polly got to see a baby calf that was born that morning. The calf could barely walk. We got to see him stand on the front part of his legs. His legs were very weak.

It's too bad that I can't milk Polly because she's a frog! This is what dairy farmers use to milk their cows. The milk goes to people who make cheese.

Polly is pretending to be a chicken in this picture, but she doesn't look like one. Do you want to know what I'm doing? I am petting a chicken and when we went in another room I chased chickens everywhere!

Polly must have been itchy when she got out of the hay. This hay is for cows to eat.





One of my favorite things was when Polly and I got to ride a pony. I used my hands to keep Polly from falling off of the pony. I held on tight!

'Hold on Polly!'

This corn was the best corn in the universe! I think the farmer planted the corn and then picked the corn to eat.

'I sure am full and my stomach hurts because I ate too much corn!' said Polly. 'Ouch!'

My mom is crazy because she put Polly close to the fence. I thought the pigs were going to eat Polly up!

We also visited my mom’s friend. After Wisconsin, we went to Chicago. I got to go up into the Sears Tower. We walked on the Sky Deck. It’s made of glass and I thought it was going to break. It was scary and fun. We could see the people on the sidewalk. I thought that they looked like ants. My dad is afraid of heights, so he was scared of the glass floor. Right when he stepped on, he stepped right back off! My mom likes to take pictures of feet, so we all stood in a circle on the glass and my mom took a picture of our feet!

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29 Responses to “Polly #186~Another Day Down on the Farm”

  1. Congratulations on your first post! This is a great story, Collin! I love the picture of Polly and the pig. I also enjoyed reading your description of the Sky Deck. Just like you said, I bet it was scary and fun all wrapped up into one!

    Mrs. Schneider & Polly #3

  2. Collin- I am so proud of you!! You have so many describing words in your story. I am so happy you have Mrs. Schneider to help you become such a fantastic writer!!!!

  3. Polly, be careful when you are that close to the milk machine, you could end up in the milk tank! Good job posting the interesting tidbits from the farm.

    Polly #13

  4. What a fantastic recount of Polly’s adventures. I think that you created wonderful images with your words that just added to the photographs, best of all I love your voice coming through in your writing. Keep up the great writing. Polly is sure lucky to have you to take her these great places.

  5. What type of dog is Chubs?

  6. It looks like you had a great time. I really enjoyed reading about your adventure!

  7. This is great! I learned a lot about farm life from your post. I especially likes the part where Polly ate too much corn.

  8. It looks like you had a great time with Polly. Did you get to name any of the baby calves that were born?

    Mrs. Schneider’s sister, Mrs. H

  9. Wow Collin!!! I loved seeing yours and Polly’s visit to the farm. You are so right about fresh corn…it’s the best! How did you know that the milK was being sent away to make cheese. Mrs. Butler LOVES cheese. My favorite picture was of Polly and the baby calf. It was adorable. It reminds me of the cows on our farm, except they are all black. Thanks for sharing your trip with me.
    Mrs. Butler

  10. Hey Collin!
    How exciting that you took Polly to Wisconsin!! I love corn on the cob too, it’s my favorite – yummy! Also, I bet the baby calf was so cute! Polly is a very lucky frog to have you as a friend! You saw many wonderful things in Wisconsin and Chicago!! Traveling is such fun (and educational). Thank you for sharing part of your journey with us!!!
    Ms. Hinchman

  11. Hi Collin … What a wonderful story you wrote about Polly’s trip to visit a Wisconsin dairy farm. I could almost smell the hay. I was afraid that when Polly was lying on the hay, that the cows would eat her. Weren’t you afraid to pet a chicken? I would be afraid they would peck at me. Were the chickens curious about Polly? That must have been exciting walking on a glass walkway so far above the city. What other places did you visit in Chicago? I used to live in Chicago and loved to see the WWII German submarine at the Museum of Science and Industry. Sounds like you had a great trip. Polly #28 … (I live on Cape Cod)

  12. This is a great post, Collin! I enjoyed reading about all of the animals and seeing their pictures. I hope you share a lot more of your adventures with us.

  13. Awesome story Collin. We had a lot of fun didn’t we! But I think I need to correct you on one fact… I wasn’t afraid to go out onto the sky walk in the Willis Tower (it will always be the Sears Tower to me). I walked out there with you guys and stood out there while we took pictures. Silly boy!

  14. Hi Collin,
    I work in the main office for Berkeley County Schools– I so much enjoyed reading about your and Polly’s travels I am an animal lover so I realy enjoyed seeing Polly’s visit to the dairy farm. I have never seen a milking machine that was very interesting. My folks had chickens when I was a little girl, so seeing the photos of you and Polly with the chickens brought back memories of my childhood. Your corn pictures have made me hungry, so I think I had better stop and buy some for my dinner tonight. Collin, I especially love kitties and I bet Polly would love to visit with some kitty cats. I look forward to reading more of your adventures with Polly. Have a great school year. Miss Darlene

  15. Collin, what great friends you and Polly are–just like Frog and Toad! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation! I like pigs, but I don’t think I would have gotten close to that one either!

  16. I don’t know who to believe: Collin or Collin’s Dad. Funny Stuff! I guess it’s true what they say…there are always two sides to every story!

  17. This is Collin’s mom and I think it is so special that all of these people in Collin’s life have left him a comment – Thank you!! He was so excited tonight when he realized his teachers, principal and many others he doesn’t even know commented on his story. His eyes lit up so thank you everyone! He is in bed now but he will be on to answer everyone’s questions.

  18. Wow! This post is great!I really like your description of how the calf learns how to walk. I hope I get to visit a farm someday. Thanks, Collin.

  19. Thank you everyone. I am glad you like my pictures and who said they like Chubs?

    Mrs. Butler, The dairy farm worker said the milk is going to become cheese. We even got to see the cheese getting made in the chesse factory!

    I didn’t know any names and plus we didn’t get the chance to name any of the calves.

    Polly #28- The chickens were too nice to peck at me! I don’t think the chickens were curious or they probably didn’t see Polly. We visited the art museum. The art museum was very fun. It was fun to see the statues. We went to the Sear’s tower and we got to go on the sky deck!I got to go to the Lego store and we got to go to Lake Michigan. We got to go to Gino’s Pizza and Polly got to eat pizza. She liked the pizza!!

  20. I don’t know what kind of dog Chubs is. I think Chubs is a chiwawa.

  21. Did Polly have fun at the farm? Did you love it?

  22. Nice post. It sounds like you had a great adventure!

  23. I’m just a country boy at heart, and I really enjoyed your story and pictures. Good job Collin, Chubs, etc.

  24. Polly really likes that boy!



  27. Your pictures look GREAT!

  28. Collin, really nice to read your story about Polly the Frog! Keep up the good work!

  29. Polly the frog do you have fun traveling?