New 'Do'!

Maddog got her hair cut this week. She got 4.5 inches cut off. The hair dresser cut off four inches. But Maddie said she wanted it to be shorter. The hair dresser took another 1/2 inch off of her hair. Oh my!! She had lots of layers put in her hair too. I don’t think her hair has been this short since she has been around 2 years old. It looks really cute and a lot of friends, parents and teachers said it looks nice. Today Polly and Maddie and Raven were texting on Maddie’s new phone. What do you think about her new do?

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4 Responses to “Polly #15 and Maddie’s New Do”

  1. I think she looks babalishious

  2. I love it! She looks very pretty and grown up.

  3. Love the “DO”! :o)

  4. Maddie I like your hair and I think your dog is really cute too.