After visiting relatives in Allentown, we stopped at Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA. Cabela’s is a retail store where you can find anything for hunting, fishing, boating and camping. It’s a massive 250,000 square foot retail store but also has educational and entertainment attractions throughout. They have animal displays in realistic re-creations of their natural habitat and they also have a huge walk-through aquarium.

Polly--watch out!

I have always wanted to scuba dive and this was the next best thing. I got to see pike, bass, trout, catfish and all kinds of other freshwater fishes..up close! Throughout the store I also saw all kinds of displays of deer, elk, caribou and even lions, tigers and bears….oh my.

"Wow, he's big!"

Even if you’re not into hunting or fishing you can still spend hours hopping around and looking at all the exhibits. It’s a place not to miss!

Oh Deer!

"Yes, there's a frog in my pocket!"

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3 Responses to “Polly #12 visits Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA”

  1. Watch out for those pike, Polly! They have teeth. Cabela’s is a great place to spend an entire day. It’s really big and has something for everybody–frogs included!

  2. I have a question…What kind of fish is the one pictured behind Polly?

  3. The big fish behind Polly is a Pike. It has some big teeth so it was good Polly was on the other side of the glass.