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Hanging Out with an Alpaca

On our next stop we visited some unique animals including bison, deer and alpacas. Alpacas are like tall sheep with a long neck. They come from South America and their wool is a lot warmer than sheep’s fur. The exhibitor was very happy to talk with us about alpacas and even helped me get up real close.

Group Picture!

We were then off to the cattle barn. Here we saw all kinds of dairy cattle and beef cattle. To my surprise, we even got up close to some Texas Longhorns….and not the ones that lost to Alabama in the College Football National Championship last week. These were for-real longhorn cattle and they lived up to there name.

He's big!

If your wondering who takes care of all these animals every day, well their owners do. Most owners spend the week living at the show and taking care of the animals all day. It’s a lot of work and there is not a lot of room to rest. So when the people have a few minutes, they rest wherever they can.

Relaxing with a "cow pillow"!

Checking each other out

Around the corner from the cattle were the sheep and pigs. The pigs weren’t too excited to see a frog but some of the sheep were very curious. All around us, people were cleaning up the animals and getting ready for competition.

Curious goat

We saw enough large animals for while and decided to hop around the Main Hall. The Main Hall consist of horticultural, environmental and 4-H exhibits. There was a lot to learn about and a lot of demonstrations to see. I got to meet a real weaver and see yarn go from a ball of fur to a piece of fabric material. Everything was done the old-fashioned way….by hand. There were plenty of opportunities for group pictures and our presence stirred up a lot of inquiries. Quite a few people asked who we were and how to find out about our stories.

Next it was off to see turkeys, ducks and chickens. There were a lot of pens with all species of these animals. I never knew there were so many kinds of feathered animals. At one area of the building, they had a display for newly hatched eggs. They have an enclosed heated globe with eggs. These eggs are on display and you can actually watch a chicken hatch from the egg.

Who do you think will win?

We were a little tired, so we decided to sit for a while in the Large Arena and watch the two horse draft hitch competition. Each exhibitor hooks up two draft horse to a wagon and they travel around the Large Arena and get judged. It was really exciting to see some of the draft horses I met earlier in the day, going around the arena.

Big tractor--little frog!

Some of this equipment was huge. Tractors, plows and trailers were spaced out all over the building. It takes a lot of big equipment to work a farm. However, I did manage to find some equipment that was my size.

"Just my size!"

The last stop was at the Food Court. No trip to the Farm Show is complete without a stop at the Food Court. The Food Court is comprised of various commodity groups like the PA Livestock Association (for beef and pork), PA Cooperative Potato Growers (for potato doughnuts and french fries) and the PA Dairymen’s Association (for milkshakes). All the food is made fresh and is probably the best I’ve ever had.

An apple a day...

All in all you can spend a whole week at the Farm Show. It is a great event for food, fun, and learning.

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7 Responses to “Polly #12 at the Pa Farm Show-Part 2”

  1. Dear Jeff,

    ~Did Polly like the horses?

    ~How did Polly get on the big tractor?

    ~How did Polly get on the little tractor?

    ~Why did Polly get in the apple?

    ~How did the alpaca get to the farm show?

  2. Mrs. Ansari's class
    January 20th, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    ~I like the cow pillow picture because it is funny.The cow has funny horns(Isiah)

    ~I like the apple picture because it is funny and cool.(Justin)

    ~ I like the picture where the sheep had no wool.It was funny because he was wearing a t-shirt.(Kyle)

  3. Mrs. Schneider's students
    January 20th, 2010 at 4:38 pm


    ~Your pictures are really good.

    ~I like the picture of where the guy is using the cow as a pillow.

    ~I like Polly and the toys.

  4. Jeff~
    The tractor looks like it has bike pedals. I love this tractor and I would ride it. Polly likes it because it is the same size as Polly.
    R.W. (Mrs. Schneider’s student)

  5. Emily (6 years old)
    January 20th, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    I liked the apple picture because it was funny.
    ~Emily (Mrs. Schneider’s student)

  6. Malachai (6 years old)
    January 20th, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    I liked the picture of the little tractor. I thought that was cool.
    ~Malachai (Mrs. Schneider’s student)

  7. Wow….thanks for all the comments about the Farm Show. Yes Polly had a good time and there was a lot to see and learn. She did have some help to get on the tractors and the animals but that’s why we are there to help her out.

    Polly learned a lot about animals and farming and I hope everyone that read the story learned something as well.