If you are a golfer, you would be sure to know which golf course is regarded as one of the best in the world. Of course, the answer is Pebble Beach, which is located on the south side of the Monterey Peninsula. I think almost everyone has heard of Pebble Beach, whether you are a golfer, or not.

Pebble Beach is actually a coastal community, and contains four golf courses, the most well-known of which is Pebble Beach Golf Links.
It runs along the rugged coastline, and has beautiful views of Carmel Bay.  The other courses in the community are The Links at Spanish Bay, Spyglass Hill Golf Course, and Del Monte Golf Course. You can view the golf courses as you drive along 17 Mile Drive, which is a scenic road that passes the golf courses and mansions in the community. If you are not a resident of Pebble Beach, you have to pay a toll to use the road. The day we drove through Pebble Beach, was also the day we went to Carmel, and Monterey, so it was filled with a lot of beautiful scenery.

Many world class tournaments have been hosted at Pebble Beach, including a total of 11 USGA championships. Unfortunately, the greens fees are among the highest in the world, making it out of reach for many people to be able to play the course.

The clock at the Pebble Beach golf course


Part of the rugged coastline along 17 Mile Drive


Part of the view from near the lodge and one of the greens


One of the greens at Pebble Beach


Debbie and I couldn't resist going up close to where the action was!


The lodge at Pebble Beach

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