Casselman Bridge

Penn Alps

Mother’s Day was absolutely perfect this  year! The boys (including Pierre and Tom) took me out to eat and for a drive in the country.  The weather was fantastic, as you can see from the pictures, and we had a really great day.

We ate brunch at Penn Alps Restaurant in Grantsville, Maryland and then we spent a few hours driving and exploring.  We didn’t have to venture far to see the Casselmen Bridge.  Only a stone’s throw away from Penn Alps, this bridge built in 1813, is located within the 4-acre Casselman River Bridge State Park.

I really want to go for a swim!

Shhh....don't tell Tyler I'm in the picture!

Check out this tree!

Polly and Tom


Artificial Flies?

Another sign...another great view!

Mother's Day was "Beary" Nice!

I was a little scared until I realized this fellow was made out of wood!

He's just a chip of the ole' block!

Chainsaw Art

What a view!

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2 Responses to “Polly #3 Enjoys Mother’s Day 2010”

  1. Artificial flies???!!!!! You must be kidding me! I bet they taste horrible!

  2. I really like this part of Maryland. Did you know that the Savage River was once used for the Olympic kayaking time trials? It’s a great trout stream too. I haven’t been in Garrett County for a few years, and your pictures bring back some really good memories!