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He doesn't scare me!

The Martinsburg Scarecrow Project, sponsored by Mainstreet Martinsburg,is intended to revitalize the downtown area of our town by involving the community in some old-fashioned holiday fun.

This page features a few of my favorite scarecrows (in no particular order) from this season’s batch…

I know this isn’t what you think of when you think of a typical scarecrow, but I love it anyway. Who says a scarecrow has to be made out of straw.


Don't you think these two are "boo"tiful?


I wouldn't make him mad if I were you!

“I’m going to stick with this guy. Karate-Chop! Look what he did to that pumpkin!”


I like to read the Martinsburg Journal

“Any scarecrow that wears green boots is definitely okay in my book.” This is the scarecrow for the Martinsburg Journal–that’s the local newspaper in my town.


I wish I had this many arms!

I can think of eight reasons why I love this scarecrow!!


I'm sure glad there isn't something called, "Frog Flu"!


Now, this is what I call a scarecrow!

This funny fellow looks like he belongs out in a farmer’s field. He should get the award for looking like an authentic scarecrow. What do you think?


This guy sure is strong!

This muscle man loves hanging out in Martinsburg!

I “strongly” recommend finding him and I promise that he’ll bring a smile to your face.


I think this was the best scarecrow of all!

Look what Debbie and Candee made…a scarecrow that looks just like ME! Okay, maybe I do have a favorite!

This is just a small sampling of the many fantastic scarecrows on display in downtown Martinsburg, WV Come ch

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