Can Frogs Fly?

It’s a bird,
It’s a plane,
It’s Super Polly!

We were driving down the road last week, and I heard a humming sound coming from overhead. I looked out the window and saw an amazing sight….a small yellow airplane buzzing over a cornfield. I love planes so we had to stop. We watched for about 10 minutes before the owner of the plane expertly landed the plane on the “runway”–a strip mowed out of the field expressly for this purpose. He asked me if I wanted to check out his plane, and I immediately hopped at the chance. He explained that the cockpit was sealed shut, which was unfortunate because he said if it was open he would have let me climb inside.

I hope I get to fly in a real cockpit someday!

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3 Responses to “Look at Me…”

  1. I’ve been on a plane and went all the way to Kassel, Germany. Have you ever had currywurst? It’s really good.

  2. Polly,

    I wish we could have a seen a picture of you in the plane. It looks like the perfect size for you.

    I hope you get your wish of flying in a real cockpit someday. You Rock!!

  3. Knowing the company Polly travels with, I’ve no doubt you will see her in a jumbo jet cockpit with some very handsome pilots in the not to distant future. Polly, make sure when you get a chance to ask if you can fly the plane. There’s nothing like it!