It really is the sweetest place on earth!

Have you ever been to “The Sweetest Place on Earth”? Of course I’m talking about Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania. They have a free tour that takes you on a ride through the chocolate making process.

The tour ride begins in the tropical rain forest where cacao beans grow. As the beans are harvested, their journey across the ocean to America is followed. The journey continues until they are delivered to “The Sweetest Place on Earth”-Hershey, Pennsylvania.


So much chocolate, so little time!!

After arriving in Hershey, you’re able to follow the cocoa beans as they continue through a simulated Hershey’s chocolate factory. You can see, feel and hear the processes that eventually transform the cocoa beans into milk chocolate.

After the ride is over, you are even given a free sample of Hershey’s chocolate to enjoy.


"I know I can, I know I can"! (Don't get your hopes up, this isn't the sample that they give you)

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