Recently Polly #3 was vacationing in Maine and she had the opportunity to try a red hot dog. Red? A red hot dog? You betcha! Served grilled or boiled on a New England split bun, these neon red hot dogs were juicy and delicious.

Other than the taste, the best part of the experience was watching the faces of my family members when they were each handed their food. All five of them stared at the hot dog with confused expressions. My sister finally said, “What’s wrong with them? Are they okay to eat?” The lady behind the counter laughed and replied, “You must be from out of state! Red hot dogs are famous in Maine!” I suppose the are made with red food dye, so I wouldn’t recommend having a steady diet of them, but if you ever get the chance to try one….you should! I’m a big fan of these red wieners. They were really good!

Soooo good!

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12 Responses to “Have You Ever Tried a Red Hot Dog? Polly #3 Did!”

  1. Did your teeth turn red after you ate the hot dog??

  2. No, my teeth didn’t turn red!(LOL!) That wouldn’t be very attractive! Trust me, the red hot dogs were really good!

  3. I’ve never heard of a red hot dog, but I guess it’s always good to try something new!

  4. Whoe,one huge hotdog!

  5. That looks very very yummy.

  6. Where’s the kraut?

  7. love the picture polly3

  8. Thanks, Jennifer!

  9. I love the pic of polly eating the red hot dog it’s so funny and she is cute in the pic.

  10. Thank you for your comment Lily. The red hotdogs in Maine are super delicious!

  11. good job polly! yeah!

  12. I love you Mrs. Schneider.